Purchase Guidelines

General Disbursement Guidelines

Purchases and any disbursement of funds must be made in accordance with the State of Texas laws, applicable statutes and regulations, the State Comptroller's guidelines (Expendit), Texas A&M System regulations and Texas A&M Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures. Texas A&M University Disbursement Guidelines is derived from the sources above.

Updates to the Disbursement Guidelines will be distributed on the Controller Connection listserv. To subscribe:

  1. Send an email to listserv@listserv.tamu.edu
  2. Do not enter a subject
  3. Clear any signature information in the body of the email
  4. In the BODY of the message type "SUBSCRIBE FMOListserv [firstname] [lastname]"
  5. Send the message

To remove yourself from the listserv, follow the above directions except use the command UNSUB instead of SUBSCRIBE.

If you need help from Accounts Payable, please email ap-help@tamu.edu or call our help line at (979) 845-8362.