Purchase Guidelines

Security of the Payment Card

The cardholder is responsible for the security of the card. The card must be treated with the same level of care as the cardholder would use with his/her own personal charge cards. Guard the Payment Card account number carefully. It must not be posted in a work area or left in a conspicuous place. It should be kept in an accessible but secure location.

The only person authorized to use the Payment Card is the cardholder whose name appears on the card. The card is to be used for business purposes only.

Lost or Stolen Cards should be immediately reported to Citibank's Customer Service by calling the number listed on the back of the card, which is (800) 248-4553. After contacting Citibank, notify the appropriate payment card office for your system member. Prompt, immediate action can reduce the University/Agency's liability of fraudulent activity.

Upon termination, the Payment Card should be collected by the departmental card administrator who will then notify the appropriate payment card office with the cardholder's name and the last four digits of the card number for immediate cancellation.