Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds

Returns, Credits, Disputed Charges and Fraud

Should a problem arise with a purchased item or charge, every attempt should be made to resolve the issue directly with the supplier. Review of future statements is vital to ensure the account is properly credited for returns, credits, disputed charges and fraud. The returned, credited, disputed item or fraud must be noted on the Expense Report or Transaction Log.

Returns: If a cardholder needs to return an item to a supplier, contact the supplier and obtain instructions for the return. Note that some suppliers may charge a restocking or handling fee for returns. All returns should be indicated on the Expense Report or Transaction Log.

Credits: If an item is accepted as a return by the supplier, a credit for this item should appear on the following month's statement. All credits should be indicated on the Expense Report or Transaction Log.

Disputed Charges: If a cardholder finds a discrepancy on the Expense Report the cardholder should contact the supplier and attempt to resolve the problem directly. All disputed items should be indicated on the Expense Report or Transaction Log. A copy of the Dispute Form and letters must be kept as documentation.

If a cardholder cannot resolve a disputed item directly with the vendor, the cardholder must complete the Statement of Disputed Item Form and forward to the Program Coordinator. The card provider will place the charge in a "Statement of Dispute" and the account may be given a provisional credit until receipt of adequate documentation from the vendor. If the documentation appears to be in order, the transaction will be reposted to the account and the dispute considered closed.

Fraud: There are numerous ways for card numbers to be duplicated or appropriated by unauthorized personnel. Be aware of your surroundings when using the card. Protect the card number as much as possible during transactions. When making purchases using a card reader be aware that card skimmers are a potential risk.

If a cardholder/card administrator notices charges on their card that they have not made or have not authorized by another user, notify the card provider immediately by calling (800) 248-4553 within the US. Outside of the US, call the card provider collect at (904) 954-7314.

The card provider will determine whether the charges are fraudulent. The card provider will then issue an Affidavit of Unauthorized Use Form electronically to the cardholder or card administrator. This Form will need to be completed and returned electronically to the card provider within 60 days of the statement date the fraudulent charges appeared on. Once the form is completed, prior to submitting to the card provider, print a copy and send to the Payment/Travel Card Office at for their records.