Purchase Guidelines

Points of the Program

The following points should be reviewed before using the Payment Card:

  • An Individual Payment Card is issued in your name.  You are responsible for the security of the Payment Card and the transactions made with it.  If you do not follow guidelines when using the Payment Card, you could receive corrective action, including termination.
  • You can use the Payment Card at any vendor that accepts MasterCard and is not on the restricted list. It may be used for in-store purchases, mail, telephone, fax orders and internet purchases.
  • You may use the Payment Card to purchase goods and services within your delegated limit.
  • Use must not exceed the monthly credit limit assigned to the Payment Card.
  • Transactions must be assigned to an expense report in Concur within 30 days from the post date.  In addition a receipt and documentation to validate the transactions must be attached to the Concur expense report.  This expense report should be submitted for approval and approved prior to the oldest transaction posting date reaching 45 days.  Failure to do so could result in card suspension or card termination.   
  • The Payment Card is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate purchasing or payment procedures. This program compliments the existing processes available.
  • The Payment Card is not intended for personal use.
  • Personnel using the Payment Card or users in Concur responsible for the transactions must have taken the online Cardholder training.