Purchase Guidelines

Fraud Indicators

  • Unusual Vendor Names
  • Same Vendor Address and Employee Address
  • Only One Employee Ever Uses a Specific Vendor
  • Unusual Activity for a Given Cardholder
  • Repeated Misuse by Cardholder
  • Round Number Purchases
  • Transactions with Missing Receipts or Altered Documentation
  • Sequential or Unnumbered Receipts
  • Duplicate Charges
  • Purchases Made Outside of Regular Business Hours
  • Activity by Non-Cardholders and Terminated Employees
  • Cardholder Approving His or Her Own Transactions

If a transaction is identified as potential fraud or can’t be identified as a transaction made by the cardholder, then immediately report to Citibank Fraud Support at 800-945-3114 and email your system member’s Payment/Travel Card Office.