Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds

Moving Expenses

All employee moving expenses are to be paid as an allowance through payroll (unless the employee is not yet available/on boarded in Workday, see below for instructions paying via AggieBuy) and must be paid from local funds. No state funds may be used. Allowances are considered taxable income to the employee. Allowances will be reduced by the applicable federal income tax and FICA deductions. With the implementation of Workday, supervisory organizations (ADLOC/departments) will no longer prepare paper forms to send to payroll services for extra and/or supplemental pay for their own employees. They will now use the Workday business process of "Request One-Time Payment" to directly enter payments. Please select the One-Time Payment Plan of “Relocation Allowance”.


Steps to Process Moving Allowance in AggieBuy (Only for employees not yet available/on boarded in Workday)

  • Have the vendor complete the Substitute W9 & Direct Deposit Form and then the department can upload the form via the Vendor Setup Document Upload Web Page
  • Once the vendor is established the department can now create the payment request or non-po based invoice in AggieBuy.
    • Attach offer letter that documents the moving allowance amount to be paid
    • Use commodity code 99900003, which maps to object code 1926 Employee Relocation-Non Qualified W-2 Reportable
  • FMO will approve the moving allowance without a request for tax withholding form or workday one-time payment request documented, since the employee will most likely not be on boarded. It will be the departments responsibility to complete the One-Time Payment Process in Workday once the employee on boarding is completed. Please be sure to select EMOL:Non-Qualified Moving Expenses (shown below) in the One-Time Payment Plan to be sure another payment is not generated to the employee.
  • Reports will be run quarterly for payments made against 1926 to verify/reconcile the amounts entered to tax the employee in Workday.