Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds

Contract Transmittal/Routing

The Contract Transmittal form must be properly completed, approved by the department and then be submitted to Contract Administration for review and approval. Do not sign the actual contract, only the contract transmittal form.

Prior to submitting the contract and contract transmittal form to Contract Administration, please review the following questions:

  • Has the contract been reviewed by the department to ensure that the terms of the contract meet departmental approval?
  • Are all items referred to in the contract (e.g. exhibits, attachments) included with the contract that is about to be submitted for review?
  • Have the appropriate signatures on the Department of Contract Administration Transmittal Form been obtained?
  • Is the contact information for the other party included with the contract packet that is being sent to the Department of Contract Administration?

In the event that the purchase would be considered a non-delegated purchase, the contract and transmittal form must be attached to the requisition to be reviewed by Procurement Services. Procurement Services will work with the vendor and Contract Administration to execute the contract. If a purchase will require a requistion (non-delegated), it must be processed as a requistion through Procurement Services.

Please note that on the payment request the Contract Transmittal Form is required to be attached along with the contract as payment documentation.