Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds

Funeral Attendance

A state agency may pay or reimburse the employee for a travel expense the employee incurs while attending the funeral of an individual who was a state employee, a board member, or a legislator if:

  • The agency determines that the employee’s attendance at the funeral is appropriate under the circumstances; and
  • The expense is paid or reimbursed only to the extent it could have been paid or reimbursed had it been incurred while conducting official state business.

The above must be documented on the payment request if paying with state or local funds.

Attending the funeral for a student or for an employee’s spouse or child can only be paid from accounts that are not funded by mandatory student fees (excluding Student Service Fees), contract or grants, AUF, state appropriations or restricted by donors.

Funeral attendance that falls outside the above that is deemed appropriate to attend must be paid with unrestricted gift funds.