Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds

Telecommunications Equipment and Services

All purchases of telecommunication equipment as well as services are processed through Division of IT ( As a state agency, Texas A&M University is exempt from paying many of the taxes and surcharges associated with telecommunication billings. Division of IT maintains many contracts and agreements with telecommunication providers in order to obtain the lowest possible costs as well as ensuring that we do not obligate ourselves or pay taxes and surcharges from which we are exempt. However, in some cases, particularly at off-site locations, Division of IT cannot leverage the power of bulk purchasing to reduce service rates. In those cases, departments would be disadvantaged by having Division of IT involved in the service establishment or invoicing process. In cases where Division of IT cannot provide a cost benefit, Division of IT will advise the purchasing department to deal directly with the telecommunications service provider. For a listing of telecommunication fees, taxes, and surcharges from which we are exempt, please see Texas-Telecommunication fees, taxes and surcharges.