Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds

Conference Registration Reimbursement

  • It is highly recommended this be charged to the university travel card.
  • If the employee pays for this personally, it cannot be reimbursed until after the conference is attended. This should be part of the expense report for that particular business trip.
  • The reimbursement request should include an itemized receipt that provides the name of the person attending the event, full name of the conference, dates of the conference and proof of payment.

Payment or reimbursement of a course of study or training/education program at institution of higher education

  • All employee training must relate to an employee's duties or prospective duties.
  • If at an institution of higher education, then the tuition payment/reimbursement will require approval of the CEO.
  • The payment/reimbursement will only be made after the successful completion of the course or training/education program.

Please see further guidelines related to employee training/education.