Travel Guidelines


Meals are not reimbursable unless the trip includes an overnight stay.

Meals are not reimbursable if purchased within an employee’s designated headquarters city

Actual expenses up to the GSA rate for state and local funds may be claimed. Receipts not required, except for any single meal greater than $75.00. The GSA rate is determined by the destination city and if that city is not available on the table use the "Standard Rate" for that state.

Local funds only – actuals over the GSA rate are allowed, but will require receipts or other substantiation (if travel card was used the transaction in Concur provides the required substantiation, so an actual receipt is not required) for total amount claimed for that day.

Meals must be documented as a total per day in Concur.

Business meals are not counted as part of the meal total for the day. Business meals will require a receipt as documentation no matter the dollar amount. Business meals are to be tax exempt when purchased within the State of Texas when using a University Payment or Travel Card (does not apply if purchasing with a personal form of payment), whereas travel meals are not. Business meals also require the substantiation of who attended and the business purpose/discussion in addition to the receipt.

Business meals are not allowed on State Funds.

Alcohol is only allowed when purchased and consumed as part of a business meal, or if there is a business reason for the purchase. Alcohol is not allowable as part of regular travel meals, even when using an account that allows for the purchase of alcohol.