Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds

Travel Warnings and Acknowledgement of Risk

In Concur, the employee will be required to select "Country(s) not under a warning" or "Country(s) under US State Dept warning" in the "Foreign Risk" field. The employee can determine if the country is under a warning by checking the US Dept of State site.

By selecting one of the selections in “Foreign Risk” field in Concur the employee is acknowledging the following: I have read and understand the conditions and potential risks associated with this travel as detailed in the current Travel Warning posted by the US Dept of State.

The employee is also required to record all countries traveled to as part of the business itinerary in Concur. Concur will route the document to the appropriate approval levels based upon the "Risk Field" selection and the countries recorded. Approvals required depending on risk could be the Provost, System Risk Management and the President. Concur will route the document accordingly to obtain those approvals.

Travel by an undergraduate student to a country that is under a Travel Warning will not be approved.