Purchase Guidelines

Transaction Reviews and Audits

The Concur expense report, along with the supporting documentation for each transaction, become the official records for record retention purposes. The transactions and documentation will be subject to audit by different audit entities. These transactions must be assigned to an expense report and submitted and then approved preferably within 30 days, but no later than 45 days. Failure to submit within 45 days could result in card suspension.

Audits may be made by System Internal Audit and other external entities (e.g. State of Texas Auditors, Public Accounting Offices).

All system member transactions are audited by Oversight software. This is a software that uses OCR technology to match receipts to transactions and identifies if receipts do not match the transaction or is not attached for the transaction. In addition this software also uses technology and business rules to identify transaction that have a level of risk that need to be audited. The system produces cases that individual auditors, representing each system member, must review and close as in policy or out of policy. If there is an issue with the transaction the auditor will use the Oversight system to send a message to the cardholder and/or department contact. The system tracks the messaging between the auditor and the cardholder. The system also tracks the history of the findings and if cardholders have repetitive out of policy findings it could result in card suspension.