Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds


A statement in PDF format is available for each cardholder in the reallocation software. This statement may be used by the department to verify the reconciliation of the receipts to the Expense Report and the Transaction Log. The statement (if used), Expense Report, and Transaction Log with all supporting documentation will be filed and kept within the department.

The current card provider will mail one summary billing to Financial Management Operations — Payment/Travel Card Office listing all transactions during the cycle period by cardholder. Financial Management Operations-Payment/Travel Card Office will pay the summary billing in full and will charge the default account set for each card. The payment cycle is set up to be on the 3rd of each month. Payment is required within thirty (30) days to the current provider. The merchants are paid by the card provider within 24–48 hours of your placing your order or picking up merchandise.

The Texas Government Code requires the Financial Management Operations — Payment/Travel Card Office to audit all transactions before they are submitted to the State Comptroller's Office for payment. For this reason all Payment Card transactions on state accounts will require the department to submit documentation to Financial Management Operations — Payment/Travel Card Office no later than the reallocation deadline, which is usually around the 22nd of each month. The documentation must include detailed receipts, state documentation (showing charged amount equals expected ordered amount and quantity), Expense Report, and Transaction Log (if used) reconciled and approved. This documentation may be submitted via campus mail using the green mail bags, but must be inserted into a Red Rush Campus Mail Envelope with Payment Card Office written on it, or the documentation may also be sent to FMO via FTP. See the following information at Guidelines to FTP Imaged Invoices for setting up the FTP process.