Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds

Maintaining Your Payment Card

A department may choose to use the Expense Report that is provided in the current reallocation software or the Payment Card Internal Order Transaction Log.

The Expense Report in the current reallocation software is the preferred documentation. Each transaction on the Expense Report must have an itemized invoice or receipt and be reallocated to the proper account and object code by the reallocation deadline, which is usually around the 22nd of each month. It is every cardholder's responsibility to ensure there is an itemized invoice or receipt for each purchase. Screen prints are acceptable for internet orders and order forms for fax/mail orders if an itemized invoice or receipt is not provided by the vendor. If either the screen print or order forms is used they must show price.

If using the Internal Order Transaction Log (hereinafter called Log) a copy of the Expense Report from the current reallocation software must also be provided. Using the Log does not replace the Expense Report. The Log and the Expense Report work in conjunction to verify each purchase.

When using the Log each cardholder must use a new Log for each month's purchases. The Log mustĀ be filled out as each order/purchase is made, not at the end of the month. This includes purchases at restaurants. Use a detailed description of the item to recognize the purchase as an authorized one. For auditing purposes, use the "Delivery Date" column to verify that all purchases and documentation were received.

At the end of each billing cycle after the transactions have been reallocated the Expense Report must be printed, itemized receipts and invoices attached. If the Log has been used it must be attached to the Expense Report as well. Note any additional pertinentĀ information and verify all purchases are valid. Once the reconcilement is completed the Expense Report must be signed by the Reallocator and the Approver no later than 5:00 pm on the reallocation deadline. The documentation is to be retained in the department. It will be required for future compliance review. This will be the System Member's official record for their transactions. For Texas A&M University at Galveston, all documentation must be submitted to FMS and will be retained within FMS as the official record.

For more information on using the Expense Report and Log, see How-To for the Payment Card Approval Process.